LifeCrossCoin - ICO - Increase your Investment

LifeCrossCoin is the first cryptocurrency where you can increase your investment so easy and support third world countries at the same time.

  • Presale

    6% Bouns

  • 1st round

    9% Bouns

  • 2nd round

    12% Bouns

  • 3rd round

    15% Bouns

  • 4th round

    18% Bouns


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ABOUT Life Cross Coin

Have you ever wished you could earn crypto currency by investing into charity? Would you want to get rewarded in crypto currency for helping humanity?
This is exactly what LIFECROSSCOIN has come to do!
LifeCrossCoin is a secured and efficient cryptocurrency trading and donation platform committed to building a unique and secure system aimed at assisting and financially supporting charitable organizations who seek to engage the next generation of philanthropists through the use of blockchain technology.
LifeCrossCoin is designed not only to take charity, to the next level but also help individuals who took part in our ICO increase and multiply their investment.
There are many pros for investing in LifeCrossCoin:
•    safety on your investment
•    high profits
•    transparency of trade
•    good feeling for helping humanity
Taking part in the LifeCrossCoin ICO will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of an innovative blockchain-based charity platform where you’ll be receiving the benefit of earnings from our preliminary token supply.
With LifeCrossCoin on blockchain technology, the sector of donations will revel in a significant transformation regarding security and speed donation to charity, hence giving rise to a huge return on investment.
So join us, make a profit and help us make the world better!
LifeCrossCoin- Making the world a better place


ICO Distribution

ICO calender text. There is need to change this.

Total Supply
Pre ICO 2018-05-2537500000 LICO @ $0.37
0.37 $
Round One 2018-06-1845000000 LICO @ $0.35
0.35 $
Round Two 2018-06-2545000000 LICO @ $0.34
0.34 $
Round Three 2018-07-0245000000 LICO @ $0.33
0.33 $
Round Four 2018-07-0945000000 LICO @ $0.32
0.32 $

Road Map

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


June 1 - June 30

Ending of pre ico, Company formation and move in office


July 1 - July 31

Staring listing on exchange portals


August 1 - August 31

Start of trading on exchange


September 1 - September 30

Meeting with investors


October 1 - October 31

Building contacts in the first projects of charity


November 1 - December 31

Journey and flight to Africa to see projects for the team


2019 Q1

First meeting with large-scale investors in the location of Africa

ERC 20 token

Our token is ERC20 compatible and will work on any ERC compatible wallet.

High Profit

Every owner of our token is liable to make more profit when our token is fully distributed in the market

Easy to use

You don't to have another account or address, your existing account is sufficient to work with our token (ERC 20 Compatible)


Our platform ensure maximum security and delivery of donations


There is no central admin or regulator having the system


Our token is ERC20 wallet which makes it compatible with any other ERC20 compatible token, address, wallet and e xchangers

What People Say About US

Safe - Reliable - Honestly 

Our Awesome Team

Here are our Team Members

Albert Biesalski


Julian Einwanger

Software/ technical Support

David Bertl

Community/ Network

Heiko Vogel

Marketing/ Donate Administration